Hot Pepe's hot sauce
'Over The Wall' Hot Sauce
hot sauce bottle

“Spiciest Sauce this side of the wall!”

‐ Hot Pepe

Introducing “Over The Wall” ‐ the hot sauce approved by nationalists everywhere. Crafted with 100% culturally-appropriated ingredients, it's guaranteed to produce Regressive Liberal and SJW tears. It is Muy Picante, my friends! Believe me.

“Over The Wall” is Made In The USA and endorsed by Vladimir Putin’s longest-living chef. Be a bad hombre on the right side of the wall. 🇺🇸

Customer Testimonials

“‘Over The Wall’ Hot Sauce set me straight with one big bite of the taco. I knew the right bathroom to use for weeks after. Muchas Gracias, Hot Pepe!”

‐ Jasmine, Miami-based tranny

“The Prime Minister loves the spicy beet quesadillas made with ‘Over The Wall’ Hot Sauce. I thank you, Comrade Pepe, and my children thank you!”

‐ Alexander, Vladimir Putin’s longest-living chef

“My tongue cannot handle the Muy Picante taste of ‘Over The Wall.’ I have decided to self-deport for my own safety.”

‐ A Bad Hombre

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